HandicapperPlus is one of the easiest to use, lowest cost, and most accurate handicapping programs you'll ever use. HandicapperPlus works on Android and Windows devices to automate the tedious manual calculations that horse players previously undertook by hand, and combines the ability to manually input data, share data with friends, or import data directly from DRF Formulator files, Brisnet Single Data Past Performance files, Multicaps, JCapper, or other sources using the built-in functions.

Instant Results

HandicapperPlus is user friendly and includes links to our dedicated online help pages. No complex, hard to understand, time consuming data entry process required, even if you choose to manually enter the data right at the track. Yes, even performing manual data entry is easy and quick enough to do right at the track, with no prior preparation. Using your Daily Racing Form, Brisnet Past Performances, Multicaps, or JCapper file, you simply enter six data points for each horse, select any number of the built in algorithms you want to sort the horse by, and push a button to display the picks. If you're using the paid version of HandicapperPlus Mobile, you can even add your own handicapping weighting algorithm and import Brisnet Single Data Past Performances, Multicaps, and JCapper file directly, thereby completing removing the necessity of typing any data at all!

If you're using HandicapperPlus Desktop for Windows, you can automatically import Daily Racing Form Formulator files, Brisnet Single Data Past Performances, Multicaps, and JCapper files. The HandicapperPlus Desktop and HandicapperPlus Mobile suite become a complete "black box handicapping system". In less than 30 seconds, you can import and generate picks for an entire race card. And you can export any file to the Android HandicapperPlus Mobile app, thus eliminating any data entry whatsoever.

Although it's incredibly fast and easy to manually enter data into any edition of HandicapperPlus, if you aren't running Windows and don't want to manually enter data but still want to use DRF Formulator files, there's a free utility downloadable from the member's area of HandicapperPlus.com which will allow you to import DRF Formulator files directly to the mobile edition - another complete black-box handicapping solution! The Android version of HandicapperPlus Mobile edition also includes a built in sharing function - so you can share data with your friends and family right from the track.

HandicapperPlus will literally handicap the horses in as few as one or as many as nine different methods simultaneously, and present the results in a format similar to any pick sheet you might purchase at the track.

Built In Kelly Betting Tool

Need more? With HandicapperPlus Desktop you'll get more! Try it for yourself: In less than ten minutes you can import the entire race card for every track open for the day's meet. With a single button push for each race card, you handicap the races with relative weights that you assigned... but how much should you bet? No problem, HandicapperPlus Desktop includes a built in Kelly criterion bet analyser for win bets. With the Kelly strategy, you're assured to bet the optimal amount to maximize profit in the minimum time. A Kelly Bet uses the Kelly formula, originally developed by K. L. Kelly for Bell Labs to route telephone calls. The Kelly Criterion Tool logic has since been used for stock market analysis and many other successive bet operations. The Kelly Criterion is a rock solid mathematical formula used by the betting powerhouses. It's included, free.